About Us

Ancestory was conceived and designed by Malik Al Nasir as the world’s first fully interactive online multi-media family tree builder. With the rise in online genealogical resources and the advent of social networking (i.e. Facebook) and public social authoring sites such as Wikipedia, Malik wanted to find a way to converge these new research and communication tools, to help people to attach audio, video, documents and pictures to their family trees, so that the rich narrative of peoples lives might emerge from it in a way that was easy to digest. This provided a simple way to manage all the research information associated with an individual that has been and added to a tree. Other sites that have millions of subscribers, have virtually no document and multi-media capacity within the tree and after years of using these resources and understanding their limitations, Malik set about designing his own software that would solve these problems.

As we live in a society that is ever closer through the internet and social media, the ability to share over a variety of social networks is now an essential tool that people look for, so Ancestory is fully integrated for sharing over all major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, AIM, Google Buzz, Digg and MySpace to name just a few.

Finally, this program is in the beta test phase, we are looking for ideas to enhance it and investment to take it to a full working subscriber site and welcome all enquiries. Ancestory is the copyright of Fore-Word Press Ltd www.fore-word.com